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Paul and Alan with pumpkin

Happy Birthday to my Brother!

Happy birthday to my #2 brother, Alan!

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Happy Birthday to my Kristina!

This is my beautiful firstborn, the first day we brought her home.

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Clem chocolate cake with lit candles 1

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Today is my mom’s 93rd birthday! Happy birthday, mom!!

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Turkish bean salad 6

Turkish Bean Salad

It’s nice when you have a daughter who travels the world and always brings back some pretty items for the kitchen! In this case, it’s beautiful dishes from Istanbul, Turkey!

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Volo book pile 1

Vincent Price, a Ghost Doll, and a Pile of Cookbooks

I found a ghost doll, a Vincent Price cookbook (is there a connection?), a German deli, and piles of cookbooks. And how was your weekend?

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MS image photo cannon

A Shrimp Dish From The Deep South

Gather ’round the table y’all; here’s an easy and fun Southern meal served in one big dish, plopped on the table, and everyone digs in with lots and lots of garlic bread for dipping in the buttery sauce. Plenty of napkins required.

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Kara 2nd birthday party with cake

Happy 30th Birthday To My Baby!

So much has happened in the life of my baby, seen here at age two. I can’t believe today she turns thirty years old!

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Oatmeal bars close up 1

Happy Birthday To My Bill!

My husband is a cookie monster, so this year for his birthday he wanted his favorite childhood cookie: Chocolate Top Oatmeal Cookies.

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