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jet skid

Home & Housewares Show Weekend!

This is why Kristina is not here yet for the Home & Housewares Show!

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Blue cheese soup image

Celery-Blue Cheese Soup

Since we had an icy day yesterday, it was time to get out the soup pot and recreate the delicious soup with blue cheese I made for my mom at our last visit.

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Point Reyes shrimp image

Fat Tuesday and a (possible) Mountain Lion at Mom’s

Each day gets more interesting in the quiet little town of Point Reyes, California. How about a mountain lion that screams in the dark of night?

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Point Reyes coffee

Morning Light at Mom’s

My girls and I finally made it Point Reyes. See what we have been up to and what we have been cooking for mom!

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Point Reyes city sign

Fun Week Ahead for The Culinary Cellar!

This weekend The Culinary Cellar is heading to Point Reyes Station, California. Watch for some great recipes and photos coming up!

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Klegens image photo

Aunt Margery’s Klegens

My Great-Aunt Margery’s Klegens are a Christmas tradition is our family. Klegens are fun (and addictive!) bite-sized crunchy anise cookies.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Pot Roast image

Let it Snow and Make a Pot Roast

It’s winter, snow is here, so make a pot roast!

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