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Paivi Pie 5

Finnish Wild Blueberry Coffee Cake

Is it a pie? Is it a cake? This heavenly Finnish Wild Blueberry Coffee Cake may be called a cake, but we’re not quite sure what it is – except delicious!

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Bean Salad 1

Retro Bean Salad

Bean salads may be a little retro but they still taste great and are a good source of fiber and protein.

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Pineapple Coffee Cake 4

Pineapple Coconut Coffee Cake

This Pineapple Coconut Coffee Cake recipe came from the pile of vintage clippings I bought at Bonnie Slotnick’s Cookbook store.

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Hot Fudge Sauce 1

Sphere Magazine, April 1974

Chocolate sauce on strawberry ice cream makes an easy Spring dessert from this month’s Sphere magazine report of the 1974 issue.

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Squares 7

Battle of the Square Donuts

Who would guess there is an on-going court battle over square donuts?! Find out why.

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Mushroom 4

The Mushroom Cookie Master

Wouldn’t you love a mushroom cookie for Christmas? If you could taste these, I know you would! And the master baker of them is one of my lovely readers!

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Finnish Slice Cookies 1

Leena’s Finnish Slice Cookies

Leena’s Finnish Slice Cookies are now my favorite cookie in the world. But one thing is better and that’s Leena herself. Come and meet her.

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Scottish pancakes with recipe

Scottish Pancakes

No maple syrup on these Scottish pancakes; only a spoonful of sugar and some lemon juice for a topping. But wait until you taste them!

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