The Tongan Miracle Cake

Last month, I wrote about my oldest brother, Paul, who lives in the Kingdom of Tonga, in the South Pacific.  He writes the most fascinating letters about his life on his tiny island of Ha’apai with his lovely wife, Va’inga, and three darling girls, Sia, Pesi, and Wacato.  He needs to write a book about an […]

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More of Perla Meyers: Spur of the Moment Cook

Those of you who read my blog regularly, know how much I love the cookbooks of Perla Meyers.  I received emails from people who ordered her “Seasonal Cook” after I wrote about it a couple months ago and are now enjoying her recipes, too.  Here is another one for you.  Perla wants us to create fabulous […]

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Cooking with Beer

I don’t like drinking beer.  So why am I writing this?  Because I love to cook with beer.  Every time I smell beer, all I can think of is college parties, especially those keg parties out in the woods.  I had fun at parties when I was in college just as much as any student, but even back then, I […]

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Citrus Cooking

Citrus fruits are the essence of refreshment and a culinary staple with its glorious colors, aroma, and taste.  Citrus is clean, cool and fresh.  It is sometimes tart and sometimes sweet, and infinitely adaptable to many cuisines.  Think lemon meringue pie, duck a l’orange, lemon curd, orange marmalade, and tropical cocktails.  The author, Ford Rogers grew up in Florida.  […]

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Cookbook Give-Away for the week of 6-14-10: I Have TWO!

Have you watched the new Cooking Channel yet?  It has some new programming along with repeats of earlier Food Network shows, and even has some older shows with Julia Child, Graham Kerr, and others.  I found these two books today at a library sale and decided to give them both away this week!  The Graham Kerr book is […]

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Sunday’s Recipe: Marinated Lemon-Garlic Olives

These are addictive!!  The olives need to be made at least a week ahead of time so all the flavors can blend.  I usually make a couple jars of these at a time, because they can keep as long as a month, and are perfect to pull out for some nibbles, or used to embellish […]

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Saturday’s Recipe: Smoky Paprika Grilled Corn

Being from the Midwest, we love our corn!  This grilled corn-on-the-cob is so incredible, you will be making it all summer.  I even grill extra, cut it off the cob, and freeze it for the winter months.  Smoky Paprika Grilled Corn 8 ears corn, husked; silks removed4 Tablespoons olive oil, divided1 Tablespoon kosher salt, divided1 Tablespoon […]

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The Charm of Country Inns

Sometimes a hotel just doesn’t cut it.  They can be too big, too noisy, bad location, or bad food.  A quaint and picturesque Country Inn or even a grand Victorian mansion turned into a Bed and Breakfast is another choice when traveling this summer.  Bed and Breakfasts sometimes only offer breakfast, but some will also […]

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