Cooking with Ephraim from a Hadassah Cookbook

I admit to knowing very little about kosher cooking.  However, that had to change when one summer in the early 70’s, I met a gorgeous guy through mutual friends.  Ephraim, from Tel Aviv, with his movie star looks was one of those who turned heads, including mine at the time.   He was only visiting the […]

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for “fifth of May”) is a date best recognized in the United States as a time to celebrate the culture of Mexican-Americans.  To celebrate, special events are planned with Mexican music, food, and dancing.  Even though it is a holiday that commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over the French forces at the Battle […]

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A Jewel of a Recipe

Jewel is a grocery store chain in the greater Chicago area.  1982 marked their 50th anniversary.  To celebrate this occasion, they announced a contest called “Jewel’s Heritage Recipe Contest.”  They were looking for family favorites, preferably 50 years or older, or updated versions of old family recipes.  The response was amazing with thousands of recipes […]

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James Beard (The Author and the Bear)

I bought this bear at least 15 years ago.  There used to be (and maybe still is) a line of bears dressed and named as celebrities or well-known characters.  They all had to have the word “bear” in the name, or change it to incorporate the word bear.  “James Beard” seen above was easy to name.  They also made a […]

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South Pacific Recipes and Adventures

I found this book at a library book sale and it caught my eye for a couple reasons.  First of all, because at that time, my daughter Kristina wanted to have a birthday party with a luau theme, and secondly because my brother, Paul, lives in the South Pacific in the Kingdom of Tonga.  And I […]

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Saturday’s Recipe: A Derby Day Hot Brown Sandwich

Since 1875, America’s most prestigious horse race, the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, is steeped with history and ritual, including some great food!  Derby parties include Derby Pie and mint juleps, but one Kentucky dish I have always loved is the “Hot Brown,” a perfect regional specialty for a Derby party.  The “Brown” […]

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Some Really Great Desserts, Plus a Wedding Cake!

Talk about some delectable recipes!  Some of my favorite desserts have come from this fabulous 1986 cookbook.  I have let people borrow it over the years, but then they want a copy for themselves!  The only thing missing is photos.  The desserts are so gorgeous, that I wish some had been included.  The only one to view […]

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Fearless Cooking for Crowds (and how you can win this book!)

I have cooked countless meals for large crowds over the years, from baby showers, to graduation parties, to weddings, and this cookbook was one that helped me along the way.  I love this book.  Now you can have a chance to own it, too!  Just send me an email, culinarycellar@aol.com with your name and email […]

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