The Silver Palate Cookbook

It is said that Julee Rosso and Shelia Lukins changed the way people cooked in the 80’s.  When the two women opened up their 165-square-foot shop on New York’s Upper West Side, few Americans could find raspberry vinegar, knew how to make tapenade from scratch, could find chevre at any grocery store, and didn’t know that cut-up vegetables […]

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Perla Meyers: The Seasonal Cook

Perla Meyers became an instant favorite of mine with this cookbook. I’ve been cooking from her books since the 1970’s.

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Creative Cakes

Since today is my birthday, cakes are on my mind.  I have many cake cookbooks, but this is one of my favorites that I bought around the time I was married.  Creative Cakes by Stephanie Crookston was published in 1978.  In 1974, Stephanie opened a “cupcake-sized” shop in New York City.  Not long after opening, […]

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My First Cookbook

The first cookbook in my mass collection was not actually a cookbook, but a booklet.  It only measures 4-by-5-inches with 10 tiny pages, but as a 5th grader, I thought it was cool.  My dad was transferred to the San Francisco Bay Area, and I was very upset to leave our home in suburban Chicago where […]

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Yes, Virginia, There Really Is A Culinary Cellar!

I have received emails from people asking if I really have an old cellar filled with cookbooks and all other sorts of culinary delights.  The answer is yes, it’s really a cellar, not some fancy fixed-up basement with carpet and a television.  It’s just a cement cellar with crawlspaces, and it has been known to […]

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Blast from the Past: Old Photos from Bake-Off 32, 34, 35, & 39

I have written so much about the delight of the Bake-Off contest held this week, I thought I would end the fun with some old photos from my first and second Bake-Off, and my daughter Kristina’s first and second Bake-Off, and my Mom’s one and only Bake-Off (So far! Come on Mom – do it again!) This was my […]

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Dining with the Disney Chefs at the Pillsbury Bake-Off

On our first night with the Pillsbury Bake-Off, the media was treated to a divine evening with the Disney chefs.  We actually had dinner right in the kitchens.  There were stations set up around the kitchen so we could observe the chefs at work.  There were delicacies such as Lamb Sliders with Tomato Marmalade; Smoked Duck […]

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A Million Dollar Experience: From Contestant to Blogger at the Pillsbury Bake-Off

I love the Pillsbury Bake-Off.  Pure and simple.  It has been a part of my family’s life for many years and has given us priceless memories. We are one of the few families of three-generation Bake-Off contestants.  My mother, Pat Bradley, has been a contestant once, my oldest daughter, Kristina, has been twice, and I have been […]

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