Cooking with Herbs

I bought this beautiful, coffee table cookbook in 1989.  After reading this inspirational book, you will want to go out and plant a garden, or at least put a pot of herbs on a sunny windowsill.  Since it is such a large cookbook, you can only imagine the incredible photographs that grace every page.  The […]

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The Sugar Plum Tree and other Culinary Delights of Childhood

I don’t remember the first food I ever tasted, but I do remember all of the food in books my Grandmother and Mother read to me.  The Sugar Plum Tree by Eugene Field is probably the first one I recall.  Imagine a 2-year looking at this photo and seeing a little girl holding up an […]

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Memorial Day and a 1940’s recipe

Memorial Day is sacred in our country, as it should be.  I wanted to honor my Dad today, who was a World War II veteran.  This is a photo of the ship on which he served during the war, The USS Porter.  I would also like to honor my friend Lisa’s son, Will, bravely serving in […]

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Cookbook Give-Away for the week of 5-31!

Just in time for barbecue season to begin, here is a great outdoor cookbook from the Culinary Arts Institute, published in 1975.  There are recipes for picnics, backyard barbecues, a rib and corn fest, beach parties, cooking on a boat, camp cooking, and backpack meals.  This is a great cookbook!  I use mine all the […]

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Delectable Stuffed Eggs for a Memorial Day Picnic!

Everyone seems to love stuffed eggs for a picnic, especially to celebrate Memorial Day.  These are my absolute favorite eggs to bring to a picnic.  They are always gobbled up very quickly, leaving me wishing I had made a double batch! Pesto-Stuffed Eggs 8 hard-cooked eggs, halved1/3 cup fresh basil leaves1/4 cup mayonnaise2 Tablespoons butter, […]

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Saturday’s Recipe: Super Baked Beans for Memorial Day!

I have been making these baked beans for years.  The variety of beans makes it a little more interesting than the average baked beans!  It’s really good and will feed a Memorial Day crowd. 6-Bean Bake 1 package (12 ounces) bacon, diced1 large onion, diced1 can each of cut green beans, lima beans, kidney beans, […]

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Happy 33rd Anniversary!! (plus the cookbook I bought on our honeymoon!)

First thing I have to say is Happy 33rd Anniversary to my sweetheart!  Bill and I were married on May 28, 1977 in Marin County, California.  Our marriage produced two of the best daughters any parents could ask for.  We are truly blessed.  I love you, Bill! I bought this cookbook on our honeymoon in […]

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With Summer coming, it’s time for a Disney Trip!!

What’s more fun than Disney World for a family summer vacation?!  On a recent trip to Orlando to report on the Pillsbury Bake-Off, I had the pleasure of meeting the Disney chefs and tasted some of their marvelous offerings.  There is literally a world of food to be found at the magic of Disney.  At […]

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