Delectable Stuffed Eggs for a Memorial Day Picnic!

Everyone seems to love stuffed eggs for a picnic, especially to celebrate Memorial Day.  These are my absolute favorite eggs to bring to a picnic.  They are always gobbled up very quickly, leaving me wishing I had made a double batch! Pesto-Stuffed Eggs 8 hard-cooked eggs, halved1/3 cup fresh basil leaves1/4 cup mayonnaise2 Tablespoons butter, […]

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Saturday’s Recipe: Super Baked Beans for Memorial Day!

I have been making these baked beans for years.  The variety of beans makes it a little more interesting than the average baked beans!  It’s really good and will feed a Memorial Day crowd. 6-Bean Bake 1 package (12 ounces) bacon, diced1 large onion, diced1 can each of cut green beans, lima beans, kidney beans, […]

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Happy 33rd Anniversary!! (plus the cookbook I bought on our honeymoon!)

First thing I have to say is Happy 33rd Anniversary to my sweetheart!  Bill and I were married on May 28, 1977 in Marin County, California.  Our marriage produced two of the best daughters any parents could ask for.  We are truly blessed.  I love you, Bill! I bought this cookbook on our honeymoon in […]

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With Summer coming, it’s time for a Disney Trip!!

What’s more fun than Disney World for a family summer vacation?!  On a recent trip to Orlando to report on the Pillsbury Bake-Off, I had the pleasure of meeting the Disney chefs and tasted some of their marvelous offerings.  There is literally a world of food to be found at the magic of Disney.  At […]

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Email to Culinary Cellar from Bravo!

Hey, Readers!  I just received a very nice email from Bravo about today’s blog featuring Marcus Samuelsson.  They sent a link so we can watch a sneak preview of tonight’s episode of Top Chef Master!  Fun!!  Thanks, Nicole at Bravo! It looks like it could be a nail-biter, but we all have faith in Marcus!!

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Marcus Samuelsson, the NRA, and Bacardi

Marcus Samuelsson, the NRA, and Bacardi does not mean the famous chef packed heat and ordered a rum drink; instead it means all three of those combined to make a memorable weekend in Chicago!  This past weekend was spent at McCormick Place attending the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show!  And what a show it was.  My […]

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Support your local Farmer’s Markets!

It’s always exciting when Farmer’s Markets start opening in the spring and early summer.  Many cities with good weather have markets open year round, but around here in the Chicago area, no one wants to set up food stands in the snow.  About this time every year, the Chicago and suburban newspapers print where to find the local […]

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The Hospitality and Food of the Finnish Sauna

This past weekend was unusually hot for May in Chicago.  I overheard someone say that it felt like a relaxing sauna, which made me remember this cookbook by Tuula A. Kaitila and Edey E. Saarinen.  I bought The Sauna Cookbook:  Food for Body and Soul, several years ago and met the authors at “Finnfest,” which is an annual celebration of the Finnish […]

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