Letters To The Editor

I enjoy reading letters to the editor sections in newspapers and magazines.  It’s always interesting to read what others are thinking about, giving opinions, or just venting.  Two recent letters in the Chicago Tribune caught my eye.  One was a real heartbreaker for anyone who loves family recipes.  The writer expressed that her mother had passed away a few months […]

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The Remarkable Journey of Bernard Clayton, Jr.

If you are a bread baker, you already know the name Bernard Clayton, Jr., because he composed the finest and most celebrated bread cookbook of all times, “The Complete Book of Breads”  published in 1973, followed by “The New Complete Book of Breads” published in 1987.  He also wrote,  The Breads of France, The Complete Book of […]

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Sunday’s Recipe: Super Easy Pots de Creme

As mentioned in Saturday’s blog, from now on I will be posting easy recipes on the weekend.  This yummy chocolate dessert can be made in minutes and placed in the refrigerator until ready to eat.  Great for last minutes guests or just to please the chocoholics in your house! Super Easy Pots de Creme 1 […]

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Saturday’s Recipe: March Madness Munchie!

I have decided for the Saturday and Sunday blogs from now on, I will just post some fun, easy recipes.  The weekends should be leisurely and so should the recipes.  Here is one I hope you will “go nuts” for, maybe while watching the NCAA tournament –  at least that’s what my husband is doing the […]

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I Miss Marshall Field’s

Marshall Field and Company had everything.  Unfortunately, after 152 years, the store as we knew it here in Chicago officially disappeared in September of 2006.  Despite protests, extensive media attention, and threatened boycotts of the replacement store, Field’s as we knew it ceased to exist.  By the early 1900’s, Field’s had become the largest wholesale and retail dry goods […]

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Cooking With Kids: From Mac & Cheese To Global Palates

Cooking should be fun for kids.  Most parents will tell you that if you let children help out in the kitchen from a very young age, they are more willing to taste something new if they had a hand in the preparation process. It can even start with something simple like setting the table or pouring chocolate chips […]

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Slainte ‘gus Saol agat! (Health and long life to you!)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The title is a toast that can be given before drinking an Irish coffee, which is happily consumed on the holiday.  St. Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated in our country by Irish and non-Irish alike.  Many people, regardless of ethnic background, wear green-colored clothing and other items.  But did you know that […]

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Marcia’s Mother’s Lemon Cake and Playing Twister

Now that Spring is attempting to fight it’s way through winter, I like to find recipes that are bright colored, fresh, and lemony.  As I was going through my files, I came across a recipe that made me smile.  It’s nothing fancy, just a cake that begins with a mix, but it brought back memories of the happy […]

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