Blast from the Past: Old Photos from Bake-Off 32, 34, 35, & 39

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I have written so much about the delight of the Bake-Off contest held this week, I thought I would end the fun with some old photos from my first and second Bake-Off, and my daughter Kristina’s first and second Bake-Off, and my Mom’s one and only Bake-Off (So far! Come on Mom – do it again!)

This was my first finalist recipe at Bake-Off 32; Caramel Almond Apple Tart.

 Here are my precious little girls at Bake-Off 32 (many years ago) holding up an encouraging sign for the Grand March into the ballroom to begin cooking.

My finalist recipe from Bake-Off 34; Shrimp and Feta Greek-Style Pizza.

This is Kristina’s $2,000 winning cake, Raspberry-Filled Apricot Cake, from Bake-Off # 35, when she was 12 years old.  She still holds the Bake-Off record as the youngest money-winner in Bake-Off history.  I can still remember watching her from afar as she sliced those layers so perfectly.  I don’t know how she did it with cameras all around and the media wanting to interview the youngest contestant at that Bake-Off.  This was also the Bake-Off where she competed against her Grandma, my Mom.  Grandma verus Granddaughter- can you imagine?  It was quite a story!

My Mom showing her entry, Creamy Broccoli and Wild Rice Soup.  She won her category and $10,000!!

Kara with the sign she held up as Kristina and my Mom entered the Bake-Off floor.  My Mom made Kara’s dress; and also the matching one for Kara’s Cabbage Patch doll.

Kristina’s recipe from Bake-Off 39 made the cover!  Her recipe was Smoky Southwestern Shepherd’s Pie.

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