Day Two, Part I, of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival: Mickey Awaits!

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Waking up on the second day of the festival, our stomachs still full from the incredible dinner of the night before, my daughter Kristina and I heard voices through the wall in the room next door.  “Wake up, kids!  Mickey awaits!” we heard a mother say to her excited children.  It was then we realized that it’s not only kids who are excited about the magic of Disney, but we were, too.  Kristina and I decided we should work off some of our meal and went to the Yacht Club Resort gym to walk on the treadmill.  When 11:30 rolled around, we were anticipating our lunch at the California Grill, atop the Contemporary Hotel.

Upon arrival at the award-winning restaurant, our intimate little group found that we had the huge place all to ourselves for a private lunch.  The view from the restaurant is breath-taking.  It wraps around the building and embraces the wonder of Disney below.  Even though the view was awe-inspiring, it didn’t come close to what was next.  Alongside the tables were displays of the most beautiful, fresh food items we had ever seen.  The restaurant believes in sustainable food, and local when possible. 

Our meal was quite amazing to say the least, and I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Pan-Seared Scallop, topped with Beluga Caviar and Organic Creme Fraiche, with Dried Cherry Pudding and Apple Syrup

Tempura Maine Lobster Salad with tiny Asian Greens, Mustard, Local Citrus, Soy Reduction, and Wasabi Cream

Seared Ostrich Filet, Caramelized Organic Pears, Risotto of Red Kuri Squash, and Huckleberry Veal Emulsion

Spitzenburg Milk Chocolate Napoleon, Cox Pippin Tart Tatin with Calvados Ice Cream, Empire Creme Brulee, Green Apple Gelee, and Heirloom Cider Reduction

Most of we Midwesterners love our hot beverages, especially with the winter chill.  On some future evening, when the temperature is 20 below zero, I will dream of this apple hot toddy and wish it were there to keep me warm.  It was one of the best hot apple drinks I have ever tasted!

As we headed for the elevators to the next adventure, a gift bag awaited.  I will have a really funny story about the glass wine-shaped cheese board coming up later.  Don’t you love the Mickey whisk?

And the day is not even over yet.  If I don’t divide this day into two parts, you would be sitting here reading all day!  Come back tomorrow for Day Two, Part Two.  Think of everything from wedding cakes, to gingerbread houses, to zebras just walking around a hotel yard.  The Mouse awaits once again!

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