Finnish Food

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Who says Finnish food is boring and bland?  Apparently, one of more popular chefs (who doesn’t always act like a gentleman), made a snarky remark about his extreme dislike of Finnish food.  I am more than happy to say he is dead wrong.  In fact, Finnish food is what is so trendy right now – meals based on the changes of the seasons using fresh, local and sustainable ingredients.  Finnish food is full of interesting traditional foods at Christmas, Easter, and other holidays.  Not only is the food beautiful to behold, so are the table settings.  For those who love  Marimekko, the popular Finnish textiles and other items, you know how lovely and bright a table can look graced with Marimekko products.  The famous iitalla Finnish glassware is a lovely addition to table and home decoration.  Finns are also known for their incredible wood and furniture products.  Finland is praised for its educational system, and  was named by Newsweek magazine as the  #1 place to live in the world!
You might see a beautiful table like this one at the beginning of summer, when Finland is coming alive with berries, flowers, and sunshine.  Finnish cooks will serve berries all summer long, and make preserves to last through the long, cold winters. 
A typical beautiful array of Finnish foods for a buffet table!
A Christmas table!
Finns are known for their incredible sweet breads, coffee cakes,  pastries, and desserts.
I would hardly call any of these lovely dishes bland or boring, would you?  Don’t listen to the snarky chef and his “nightmare” remarks.  We know better. 😉

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