Happy Birthday to my Firstborn!!

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Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl!  When Kristina was born, she came out with her eyes wide open and looked around, liked what she saw, and has pretty much kept those gorgeous baby blues open since.  Kristina is a traveler and likes exploring everything.  Her first plane ride was at 5 months and now she has been all over the world.  She has a curiosity and drive that never quits, and possesses “sisu,” a Finnish word meaning strength and guts, just as her Finnish great-grandmother had when she came to America and landed on Ellis Island.  She recently returned from Finland, and visited her great-grandmother’s original farmhouse, where cousins still live.  Life comes full circle.  Kristina has so many exciting things coming up in her life, and I’ll tell you about those later!  In the meantime, she is celebrating her birthday today with my youngest, Kara, her sister and best friend.  Happy birthday, my sweet girl.  I love you!

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