Homemade Baby Food

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Look at that little face!  When your children are born, you want to do everything that you think is best for them.  Before my oldest daughter, Kristina, was born, I was determined to breast feed and make her own food.  I was encouraged by most to breast feed, but a lot of people thought I was nuts to make baby food.  All I heard was that it was easier to buy jars of prepared food, and even giggles from some people who thought I would never follow through for months on end.  Well, I did, and it was all worth it on both counts, and I did the same thing for Kara, my youngest, five years later.  I went to LaLeche meetings and searched out cookbooks for making baby food, which there weren’t many back then.  Now there is an abundance.  This little paperback is the first one I bought, along with a baby food maker and warming plate, which I still have, although it is antiquated now!  Making your own baby food lets you control things like sodium, fats, and sugars, and you can use organic products.  Just like anything involving food preparation, you must also learn about being sanitary and safe, especially with precious babies.  It’s important to find books that cover these points. 
My girls learned to love cooking and good food, and both have traveled the world tasting the cuisines of every country.  As you can see in the photos below, they certainly enjoyed being in the kitchen, and some of their favorite toys were kitchen utensils that were kid-friendly.  They had play kitchens where they could spend hours playing “dinner” or “restaurant.”  When Kristina was about 6 years old, she wrote her first recipe, seen below.  She was so proud of it.  I keep it in my family recipe box, even though we never exactly made it!

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