It’s Time to Plan an Oscar Party!

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No, this is not a movie star, but it is my beautiful daughter Kristina holding an Oscar.  She will be covering the Red Carpet for the Oscars on Sunday!  She even has stylists offering her dress, shoes, jewelry, make-up, and all those fun Oscar things.  I will definitely have updates and more photos coming up next week, and hopefully with lots of stories and gossip for you!  Kristina will also be writing her blog about the experience with many more photos – and what Wolfgang Puck is serving the stars at the after-party. 

In the meantime, how about planning your own Oscar party for Sunday’s event?  You can do anything from buying red fabric to roll out your own red carpet to just making a giant bowl of popcorn.  Half the fun of an Oscar party is the decorations and food.  Decorations can be simple or elaborate.  Find photos of the nominees and scatter them around the table along with some glitter stars; give guests their own sunglasses from the dollar store (you can get tons of things from the dollar store!) or have guests dress like their favorite star.  Food ideas are endless; make something with a theme from this year’s nominee list or from any past favorite movie.  For The King’s Speech, offer items you would have at high tea; for The Fighter, have an Irish stew with some Irish soda bread; for True Grit, make some cowboy food.   Print out ballots for your guests to fill out and have a prize for the whoever guesses the most number of winners.
Even if you only want a bowl of popcorn, enjoy the Oscars!  And support the arts in your community – you could know the next star of the future. 

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