My Mom is the Original Martha Stewart

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!  Today my blog is all about you because I have to tell the world how wonderful you are.

Just look at that beautiful movie-star face; but it doesn’t even come close to the beauty inside.  My Mom is beyond words.  She is talented, kind, generous, and endlessly patient.  Everyone loves her.  My high school friends loved her, and always ask me how she is doing.  Mom is now 88 years old, but you would never know it.  She still lives in her own home, drives, sews, gets her hair done, cooks, emails, reads everything, and is a master at crossword puzzles and sudoku.  She also loves Tom Selleck, and we still tease her about that!

Since this is a cookbook and culinary blog, then of course I have to tell you about her cooking talents.  As I said in the title, my Mom was the original Martha Stewart!  Every birthday party I had was a mini event, always with a theme and a beautiful cake.  She had bridge parties with church friends, incredible holiday dinners, the best treats for school events, and divine Christmas cookies.  Everyone wanted her Halloween treats, back in the days when homemade treats were actually given out for trick-or-treating.  She made candy apples, popcorn balls, peppermint pulled taffy, and pumpkin cookies, each wrapped individually.  In grade school, students brought in treats for their birthdays.  In 2nd grade, Mom made decorated gingerbread boys for the boys in the class, and gingerbread girls for the girls.  I remember being so proud when the kids went crazy over them.

Mom could also sew anything, from my Barbie doll dresses to my wedding gown.  She took crafts and creativity to a new level.  Once after a trip to Paris, she created a tiny bit of France in her bedroom.  Back in a corner, she decorated it to look like a little French cafe.  She sewed all the slipcovers for sofas and chairs, tiled tables, and made all the drapes and curtains for the house.  One of my most fond memories is when I was visiting my great-aunt in Iowa for a few weeks in the summer.  Mom wrote me a letter and told me she had a big surprise for me when I got home.   I thought about it every day and couldn’t imagine what it could be.  When I got home, we went into the house and she told me to close my eyes.  She guided me to my room and opened the door.  Okay, open your eyes now, she said.  I looked up to see the most beautiful bedroom in the world.  Mom had redecorated the whole room, with fresh paint, new curtains, cute pictures, a new bedspread, and a dollhouse!  I thought I was the luckiest girl on the block.  All my friends wanted to come over and play in my new room.

I could talk about my Mom forever.  To me, there is nothing she can’t do.  I love you so much, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.


Your only daughter, Debbie


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