Weekend Happiness

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Weekends just seem like the right time for a good brunch.  Everyone is more relaxed and ready to be pampered, whether the brunch is made at home or out at a restaurant.  After sleeping in on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, without the distraction of phone calls and deadlines, it’s time to be mellow for awhile.  Taking time out from our busy lives is vital, and brunch provides the perfect opportunity.  Either pamper yourself and have a brunch for one, or invite over a group of friends. When I want to pamper myself either at home or out, I love eggs benedict, and I’m always looking for new ways to make it.  I also am a buckwheat pancake devotee, so sometimes I have a hard time deciding which one to make.
Remember that brunch has no rules.  Make it to fit your mood.  Try pancakes, french toast, eggs, fresh pastries, or a breakfast casserole.  It can be pure comfort food or jazzed up with some innovative ideas.  A couple days ago, I made my daughter Kara a brunch dish that she flipped over.  I first sauteed rounds of polenta, made a spicy black bean concoction including salsa and some smoked paprika, a couple over easy eggs with melted Monterey Jack cheese, and sprinkled with cilantro.  I should have taken a picture of it because it was beautiful and colorful.  It took only minutes to make and tasted amazing.
The cookbook has great recipes for muffins, pancakes, croissants, waffles, eggs, souffles, and much more.  Pamper yourself this weekend and make something wonderful from your kitchen or find a restaurant with a good brunch menu.  Or view this video of  Chef Thomas Keller (of French Laundry Fame) making a simple brunch menu with homemade biscuits and a lesson on making the perfect poached egg.
This weekend, allow the morning to meander gently into the afternoon, knowing that the world can wait.  Take a deep breath and enjoy the weekend.


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