A Sneak Peek of Italy

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Ciao! Amico!  Mi sei mancato molto!  That means hello, friends – I have missed you so much!  I returned from Italy last week only to have picked up a bug of some kind and have been sick since we returned.  I promise the blogs are coming!  I have so much to say and endless photos.  However, until the blogs are written, here is a sneak peak for you.  As you can see, Italy is a paradise and I miss it.

Our hotel in Lecce, the Patria Palace
A stunning cathedral as seen standing from the hotel.  All of Lecce looks like this!
Since this was a wine tour with the amazing Zonin group, you will be seeing lots of grapes and wine, not to mention the food!
Our first dinner in the Castello di Carlo V.  Yes, it was a real castle and this room was so stunning, it didn’t even look real.  It was like a fairy tale, and we were transported back in time.
Come back soon for the rest of the stories…..   Arrivederci, for now!

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