Alaskan Cruise Day Eight: Home Sweet Home

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I have been home for a couple weeks now, but I can still feel the ocean air on my face if I close my eyes and remember.  The trip to Seattle and Alaska was an adventure of a lifetime for Kristina and me.  The time spent with my daughter was priceless.  Thank you Four Seasons Seattle for the best hotel experience with your superb staff.  I hope to return soon.  And Celebrity Cruises, you are beyond amazing.  Writing my blog on a day-by-day experience helped me to live it all over again.  It was like writing a journal that I was able to share with everyone.  I’m so glad my first cruise experience was with you!

Kristina and I left the ship with no problems or hassle.  We still had one more thing to look forward to-  seeing my sweet and thoughtful friend Kim who had dropped us off at the ship and now she was picking us up and driving to the airport.  Kim’s lovely oldest daughter came along, too, and we all went to a seaside crab house for lunch.  Since my luggage could not hold all the items we bought along the way, I had to ship things home.  Kim drove us to the Post Office and circled while Kristina and I frantically packed up a few flat rate boxes and shipped them home.  We were quite a sight on a sidewalk in Seattle with my suitcase open and packing things with clothes everywhere.  Thank you Kim, for patiently waiting for us!

Our flights were less than an hour apart.  We said our good-byes to Kim, and I already missed her.  Kim is one of those women who everyone wants as a friend.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  I will love her as my friend forever.

Both of our flights were easy and uneventful.  I was happy to see my husband, wish him a happy belated birthday, and give him his gifts.  I called my mom and Kristina to tell them both I made it home safe and sound, and then I fell into bed, tired but happy.  I didn’t even have time to unpack, because my youngest daughter Kara was flying in within 24 hours after I got home.  Kara was scheduled for a second surgery on her arm to remove a metal plate where she broke it a year before.   At this writing, she is still here recovering and it’s so nice to have her home for awhile.

I have had the best time writing the cruise blogs, and now must get back to cookbooks!  I’ll tell you all about the ones I bought on the trip, starting with the largest cookbook that I now own, and it weighs eight pounds!  You will love it!

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