Cheese and More Cheese

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Since I needed another fix of some Point Reyes cheese, I headed into town on a beautiful day yesterday morning.  I used the Point Reyes Blue in a chopped salad that my mom and I had for lunch along with a Tuscan bean soup.  Since new cheese is made daily, I wanted to check out what was in store for today.  As I entered the store, the cheese was in the process of being stirred.  Today it was “Red Hawk,” an organic brie-like cheese with some added kick of flavor.

There were already dozens and dozens waiting to be sold.
I headed right to the counter to taste a sample.  Pure heaven.
The Devil’s Gulch was even spicier.  Also wonderful.
Point Reyes cheeses are always better with their own crackers.
So many cheeses, so little time…
If you are there around noon, pick up some lunch.  There are all kinds of salads and sandwiches, and of course little trays with cheese, salami, olives, and pickles.
Or just get a snack of cookies or fresh daily pie.
Don’t forget a California wine.
The beautiful beaches are not far away, so take along something as you sit and relax.  If you are ever in Point Reyes Station go inside and take a look.  There is something for everyone.  And they even have cookbooks.  More on those later when I’m back home.  I’ll be leaving Point Reyes soon and headed back to Chicago snow, but lucky for me, Point Reyes Blue can now be found at a new grocery store near my hometown.  It can hold me over until I am back again.


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