Christmas Past

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Better Homes and Gardens is one of the most trusted names in America.  The magazines and books can always be trusted to offer the best recipes, craft ideas, and makes everything seem possible to do or make.  As I was browsing through the Christmas area of my cookbook collection, I came across this one from 1966.  The book starts out with the story of Jesus, followed by Christmas poems, and hymns with the actual sheet music.  As I was turning the pages of the craft ideas, it made me wonder if anyone makes these sorts of things anymore.  Remember when moms used to make their own aprons?  Or kids made the Three Wise Men from every item possible thing, including popsicle sticks with their clothes made of felt pieces?  Or here, the Wise Men are made from bottles:
Or these Three Wise Men made from paper  bags:
I can still see my mom and her “Circle” church group making items such as these for the church Christmas Bazaar.  They made doorknob covers, reusable advent calendars (my mom still has one), ornaments made from felt and hand-stitched, and lots of things with ric-rac, like aprons:
I remember one time the Circle group made bow ties that looked like a holly leaf, and when I saw grown men walking around at church on Sunday wearing them, I knew their wives must have been in my mom’s Circle.  I have a large box filled with items my girls made in the church Advent workshops, including their version of the Three Wise Men, who had bodies made from toilet paper rolls!  Homemade crafts are good for kids to make because they can use their imaginations.
The recipe section has fruitcakes and steamed puddings, punches, and several cookies.  I am going to make the German Stollen shown here because it reminds me of my grandmother, who loved to have it for Christmas.
Have a blessed Christmas with many fond memories.

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