Cookbook Giveaway for the Week of 2-21-11

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This is Martha Stewart’s classic cookbook from 1982.  It’s a huge coffee table book, but Martha never does anything small, right?  I went to a cooking demo and book signing at a Marshall Field store near Chicago when this was first released.  I have no recollection what Martha cooked, but I do remember when a woman asked her a question about a pie recipe of Martha’s that she made, and that it didn’t work, Martha stared firmly at her and said, “Then you did it wrong.”  And that was that.  The poor woman sank into her chair. 
I still make some of the recipes in this book like the almond-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon which was all the rage at the time, but I still like them.  I bought a 3-cup heart mold just so I could make her Coeur a la Creme Fraiche with Raspberry Sauce. 
If you would like to enter the random drawing for this classic cookbook, send your name and email address
by midnight Friday, February 25, CST,  to [email protected]  and I will email the winner sometime over the weekend.
Congratulations to Madonna Y. of Indiana who won the drawing for the chocolate cookbooks from last week’s drawing!

2 Responses to Cookbook Giveaway for the Week of 2-21-11

  1. February 21, 2011 at 6:12 am #

    Gotta love her hair style on the cover !!

    Always good to hear the words Marshall Field’s–I don’t think brides of today have the same feeling picking out their silver, china and everyday patterns today as you did picking them out at Marshall Field’s. I realize Macy’s still does that, but it doesn’t have the same Chicago feel to it. But there is one woman who works in the china section at the Woodfield Hawthorn Macy’s that has been there I think close to 30 years. I realize this post really doesn’t have to do with cooking, but half the fun of cooking is being able to present it with a flourish to family and friends ! Or buying the utensils to cook with.

  2. March 16, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    Sigh…. don’t we all miss Marshall Field’s?

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