Hmmm… Eli Manning, Tom Brady, or… Grant Achatz?

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We all know the Super Bowl is this Sunday.  How can we not know with all the ads and articles everywhere?  I have to say I enjoy some of the Super Bowl commercials, like the Clydesdale horses, and I’ll watch the Matthew Broderick/ Ferris Bueller one.  But overall, I don’t care who wins, and I had to ask my husband the names of the quarterbacks of the two competing teams.  The only Super Bowl game I have ever watched all the way through was the Bears in 1985 (or was it ’86?) because I liked “The Super Bowl Shuffle,” and some of the Bears players lived in my hometown.

Super Bowl food can be fun, but I was astounded at these statistics I just read in Time magazine:  On Super Bowl Sunday, people will consume 125 billion chicken wings; 71 million pounds of avocados; there will be a 35% surge in pizza deliveries; and a 20% spike in antacid sales.  But here’s what really caught my eye –  the cheapest Super Bowl ticket one can buy is $800.  Really?  That’s a lot of money.  And if you are a football fan, I am sure you would gladly pay it.  Me?  I would rather use the $800 to buy a couple tickets for Chef Grant Achatz’s “Alinea” or “Next” restaurant where you actually do purchase tickets.  Or for that amount, I could even fly to see either one of my daughters in Los Angeles or New York City and have an incredible meal of some kind.  But I’ll stick with the renowned chef here in Chicago.  I have been extremely lucky to have enjoyed his “Tour of Thailand,” and “Childhood” menus at “Next.”  An El Bulli menu is the next offering, but I haven’t scored tickets for that one yet. 

So who wants chicken wings, guacamole, screaming fans, and traffic – or who votes for vibrant curries, fiery chile-laced seafood dishes, perfumed plates with lime leaves and lemongrass, ornate vegetable carvings, palm-sugar-tamarind sweetened dishes; or even a real campfire at your table?  For me, the chef just made a touchdown and won the game.  Bon Appetit.

But, okay,  I will watch the Ferris Bueller commercial. 


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