It’s the Berries!

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The best part of summer is making jams and preserves, at least in my kitchen.  However, there is a berry I have never been able to preserve myself – the thimbleberry.  They are so tiny and rare, that it takes a huge amount to make even a little jar.  One place they can be found is in Upper Michigan… if you can find them.  I have never been able to find any, so I always end up buying a jar when I visit the area.  One jar is so expensive that I usually buy just one.  I found some at the Marquette Blueberry Festival on a recent visit.  The vendor said they were selling fast since people know how hard it is to find the berries.  I also found the adorable jam jar, above. 
We had no luck finding thimbleberries, and thought we would find wild blueberries, but the bears got there first.  We brought along our new berry picker that I found in Alaska, hoping to break it in.
Even though we had no luck picking berries ourselves, we found some wild blueberries at a farm stand.  I bought almost all of them and started making jam.  This is only a fraction of what I made, using a couple different jar sizes and lids.
Guess what I’m having for breakfast today?!
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