Julia and More Julia (and a surprise giveaway!)

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Oh, the joy.  I walked up to the table at my favorite monthly book sale, and here are two Julia’s just waiting for someone to love them.  That would be me.  How I loved this show.  After over 200 episodes of Julia’s first program, “The French Chef,” producers thought it was time to get away from purely French traditional cooking.  A further decision was that the show would be a whole menu rather than just a single dish or subject.  “Julia Child and Company” was the next step.  The series of shows featured menus for special occasions with menu ideas such as Birthday Dinner, Cocktail Party, Dinner for the Boss, Sunday Night Supper, Lo-Cal Banquet, Buffet for 19, Breakfast Party, Chafing Dish Party, and Indoor/Outdoor Barbecue.  The emphasis would be on the pleasures of the American table.
The set of Julia’s kitchen on “Julia Child and Company.”
The first book was so successful, it was followed by “More Company.”  Both books describe detailed instructions on preparation, shopping lists, ideas for leftovers, and presentation.  All of the guesswork is taken out so you can enjoy your special occasion, whatever it may be.  The menus for the second book include Soup for Supper, Country Dinner, A Fast Fish Dinner, Picnic, Summer Dinner, Cassoulet for a Crowd, and Lobster Souffle for Lunch.  The book also includes photos of the team that worked on the show, and who Julia affectionately referred to as “Harmony, Inc. Complete Food Productions.”  I can’t even imagine the glorious times the team had putting together the iconic program. 
As  a special bonus (and because Julia liked special touches) I also found at the book sale, a paperback copy of “Julie and Julia” based on the popular movie starring Meryl Streep as Julia.  If you would like this copy of “Julie and Julia,” maybe to take on your next plane trip, or to read leisurely on a sunny beach this summer, send me your name and email address by 11:59 pm CST, this Saturday, March 26th, and I will randomly pick a name and email the winner.
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3 Responses to Julia and More Julia (and a surprise giveaway!)

  1. March 23, 2011 at 10:12 am #

    Great finds-loved the movie, but sure wish I had the real Julia’s autograph on my lucky cooking hat!

  2. March 23, 2011 at 11:36 am #

    If you “do” blog awards, I just passed one on to your lovely blog: http://foodieroadshow.blogspot.com/2011/03/awards-and-other-fun-stuff.html

  3. March 23, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    Thank you, Angela! I don’t know anything about blog awards, but I’ll be emailing you to ask about it!

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