Lazy Summer Days

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The long, hot summer days of Chicago are getting to me.  It’s been one of worst few months ever, and not just here but all over the country.  I am so ready for beautiful fall days.  I would even take a blizzard about now.  I’m feeling very lazy this morning and can’t even seem to figure out what to have for breakfast, but I want something to just magically appear.   But wait – I actually do have something to make an almost instant breakfast.

This funny looking ceramic piece is a microwave egg poacher.  I bought it at an art fair this summer in Michigan.  Since I love poached eggs, and am always willing to try anything new or different in the cooking arena, I decided to give it a try. 
First  rinse out the bottom half and shake off the excess water, then crack an egg into it.
Cover the egg with the lid and place in the microwave.  Cook on high for 30 seconds, let sit in the microwave for another 30 seconds, and voila!  A perfect poached egg.  I was sold. 
The egg easily slides out right onto your plate.  Have toast ready beforehand and you have a breakfast in 1 minute.  Can’t beat that for a lazy summer day!
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