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It’s Oscar night once again in Hollywood, this Sunday, March 7th.  For those of you who look for any excuse to party, the Academy Awards is the perfect time to go all out on the glitz and glamour.  You can make swanky finger foods, have champagne, and even roll out the red carpet -literally.  Find some inexpensive red fabric and have it as the entrance into your home.  Ask everyone to dress like their favorite star and give out awards for the best costume.  Hang up movie posters; hand out feather boas and cheap plastic sunglasses.  Don’t forget to have ballots ready for everyone to fill out.  The ideas are endless.  At this site you will find some Wolfgang Puck recipes;  a special cocktail idea that will wow your guests, and tips from a Hollywood event planner with the “10 Must Haves” for throwing an award-winning party. 

Start planning now for Sunday, and you could have most of the food already prepared and ready to go so you can enjoy yourself.  If you are planning a dinner, how about Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon, since Meryl Streep is nominated for an Oscar for “Julie and Julia.”  You could make it on Saturday and just heat up for Sunday.  Or Sandra Bullock’s movie, “The Blind Side,” could be a good excuse for casual football fare, just like what you would make for a Super Bowl party, like chili or pizza.  Go study the list of movies and nominees to see if a title or a person could inspire a fun party idea, for either decorations or food.  In the end, all it takes is a cast of good friends and good food, and your production is guaranteed to be a big hit.

Yesterday, my daughter Kristina was reporting from the Red Carpet about Wolfgang Puck’s amazing food to be served at the Oscar after-parties.  Check out her video!  There are also still photos of Kristina’s Oscar food adventure.

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