Where Is Rosie When You Need Her?

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Remember Rosie the robot maid from the Jetson’s?  You thought she was futuristic? Wait until you read this:
A future kitchen concept was announced by Electrolux as a “compact, shape-shifting, all-in-one cooking station that aims to do away with pots and pans forever,” and the design calls for “an intelligent, amorphous, interchangeable cooking surface that adapts to users needs.” What the heck??  If you click on the link and go to the video, there is this weird, surfboard-looking thing.  Apparently, some futuristic person only has to place “an ingredient” on this surfboard-thing, and mark the area around the ingredient with your hand to create an indentation of how large the cooking area should be.  This “indentation” is the pan!  Not to mention that when you place your desired ingredient in the “pan,” a list of “suitable” recipes appear (from where?) and a decision must be made on what to “cook.”

Okay, so where is the joy of cooking here?  Where is that wonderful pot of soup simmering away with the aroma permeating the air?  And do you know what the developers are calling this – the “Heart of the Home” kitchen!  They say that in the future, we will no longer have any kind of spacious kitchens with a breakfast nook or dining area, and get this, not even appliances!  Everything will be “based on current technology such as smart object recognition and touch screen interfaces.  The appliances of the future will need to be integrated and adjustable.  We won’t have room for a whole host of products each with their own specific function.”  I guess this means no food processors, no blenders, no mixers, no pots and pans, no measuring spoons or cups, no rolling pins, no cookbooks, no anything.  I can’t imagine a more depressing thought.  Home kitchens are usually lively places to connect with your family and friends.  If this new concept ever becomes a reality, I hope not to see it.  Hmmm… however, if in the future, something can actually perform “shape-shifting,” can I have it shape my body instead of my cooking surface?  Just asking.


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