Santa, by any other name…

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Children of many countries believe in Santa Claus, but most refer to him by a different name.  Here are some of the most common names for the jolly old elf. 

Austria:  St. Nikkolo

Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland:  St. Nicholas

Brazil, Peru, and other parts of South America:  Papa Noel

China:  Shen Tan Lao Jen (Christmas Old Man)

Denmark:  Jul emanden (Santa Claus)

Finland:  Ukko (Father Christmas)

France:  Le Pere Noel

Holland:  Sinter Klaas

Hungary:  Kriss Kringle

Italy:  Babbo Natale (Santa Claus)

Sweden:  Jultomten (Santa Claus)

Santa is beloved in any language.  Don’t forget to hang up your stockings tomorrow night!

Merry Christmas!

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