What?! No Bloggers at the Royal Wedding? I’m Buggered..

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How could I not write something British today, right?  After all, it is the wedding of century so far, and weddings are things of fairy tales – at least for William and Kate.  But here’s my gripe; I have seen guest list after guest list printed here and there, and there are no bloggers that I could find.  Hey – I could find out what the Royal chefs cook; maybe they even have a cookbook or two.  See?  I could fit on this list, don’t you think?? I could splash out in London!  I should have sent them my business card…

Oh, well.  I suppose I should not throw a wobbly.  Instead, I went to my cookbook shelves and found  two delightful little books on British teas and tea time treats.  One of them tells us that the Duchess of Bedford, in Victorian days, instituted tea with pastries at 5:00 in order to counteract her “sinking feeling” between luncheon and dinner.  Afternoon tea is that glorious English contribution to the world’s gastronomic menus.  I love tea time.  I have many British ancestors, so I suppose it’s in my blood.   In Victorian days, afternoon tea was quite a serious occasion, and society ladies were renowned for their prowess at tea-making.  There would be a selection of dainty little sandwiches filled with wafer-thin cucumber, and fancy biscuits, which had to be dry in texture so as not to soil the guests’ fingers, along with various delicious cakes.  All were presented and served on the finest and most delicate bone china, with tiny silver teaspoons and tea served from a silver teapot.  Country afternoon teas contrasted strongly with high society; farmhouse teas with home-baked crusty bread, thickly sliced and buttered; home-cured hams, cheeses, and a good wholesome fruitcake, and scones spread thickly with clotted cream.   I had the fancy afternoon version at the Savoy Hotel in London to celebrate a birthday a few years back.  I dearly loved London, and look forward to returning.  I could have gone had I been on that blasted guest list, but that was not blooming likely. I guess I should belt up and get back to writing about cookbooks.  (How do you like some of my Brit words so far?)

These two little books have the dainty tea sandwiches with fillings like cucumber, egg and watercress, potted meat, smoked salmon, and tomato.  There are cakes such as raisin-butter, chocolate fudge, marmalade, plum, and gingerbread; and of course scones, crumpets, tarts, lemon curd, jams, and teas.  But one recipe I want to get my hands on is a cake like the one William requested for the groom’s cake, which is a dark chocolate biscuit cake, also said to be the favorite of Queen Elizabeth.  The cake is supposed to be a royal secret, which of course makes me want it more.  I saw the Good Morning, America team enjoying it on this morning’s telecast.   It looks pukka and scrummy and will be a blinding success at the wedding! 
Now that I have probably misused or botched my Brit words, I suppose I will go set my DVR for the wedding, since I don’t want to get up at 3:00 am Chicago time.  But I will wake up and watch William and Kate in their happiness.  Cheerio, and every happiness to you.  Give us a bell if you are ever in Chicago.  I’ll make you a Chicago dog or a deep dish pizza. 

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  1. April 29, 2011 at 5:46 am #

    I’m sure it was just an oversight. Having a blogger write about the royal wedding food would have been a great idea. Maybe they’ll correct that oversight when the “spare” gets married.

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