Finland Flashback

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It’s taking longer than I thought to get back to reality after two weeks in Finland so my regular blog days are not jumping out at me yet!  However, I did find the following blog, written in 2010, my first year of writing The Culinary Cellar, about how we found out about our Finnish relatives in the first place.  It was through Facebook!  One of my husband’s cousins, Jouni, found another cousin here in the USA and they started a conversation which led to exchanging photos, family information, and now, us recently visiting Finland and meeting about sixty more cousins!  Like many people, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, but this time it was a life-changer.  Here is the article for you to read written five years ago when we all first “met.”  In blogs to come, you will see how it has now enriched our lives forever.

Rye Flour from Grandma Vanni – and our Newfound Relative

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