Food Fight! (without Belushi)

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What’s more fun than watching John Belushi scream “Food Fight!!” in the movie Animal House? Or how about food fun without the calories? The answer is a serious food game for your next party, called “Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers.” If you scour gourmet magazines looking for the next new recipe trend, or pride yourself on knowing the proper placement of every eating utensil known to man, then set your table for a night of delicious fun!

Just to give you a little practice, here are a few questions from the game. (The answers are at the bottom, but no peeking yet!)

1. Who is called the Julia Child of Italian food?
2. In what 1967 movie does bank robber Buck say, “It’s the face powder that gets a man interested, but it’s the baking powder that keeps him home?
3. What kind of fresh bean can fight malaria, but may also trigger a potentially fatal reaction in people with a certain genetic blood-enzyme deficiency?
4. What sheep’s milk blue cheese is aged in limestone caves in southwestern France?
5. Who was the first U.S. President to hire a French chef for the White House?
6. What was used to cook an egg in a legendary blog-posted spoof recipe that was first circulated in 2000?
7. What Italian-born international movie star said, “Everything you see I owe to spaghetti”?
8. What are “gastropoda” and “Chocolate and Zucchini”?
9. What was the Earl of Sandwich doing that required a free hand, causing his meals to be served between slices of bread?
10. Who will love this game????

In this trivia game for serious foodies, you will find 168 playing cards with over 1,000 questions to stump even the most dedicated lovers of gastronomy. There are 6 categories from which to choose:

Foodiesphere: Food people, world cuisines, and food places.
Food Stars: Food on film and in print, music, and art.
Company’s Coming: Party planning, table etiquette, and wine and food pairing.
Lab and Field: Cooking science, nutrition, and food production.
Dining Out: Eateries, chefs, menu matters, and restaurant service.
What’s Cooking? : Cooking techniques, tools, and ingredients.

Are you an expert on all of these matters? Chuck Williams, founder of Williams-Sonoma says, “Just like a well-worn paring knife, Foodie Fight is sure to become a must-have kitchen tool for any food lover.” Jacques Pepin says, “Finally, a trivia game that I am interested in and knowledgeable enough to play!”

Okay, so check and see below how you did on the quiz. Hmm….not so easy, is it?! (Well, I threw in a couple obvious ones..)

1. Marcella Hazan
2. Bonnie and Clyde (Gene Hackman played Buck)
3. Fava beans (The favism disease causes a deficiency of the blood enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenese, or G6PD)
4. Roquefort
5. Thomas Jefferson
6. Two cell phones
7. Sophia Loren
8. Food blogs (don’t you just love food bloggers??)
9. Playing cards
10. You and your friends! You will have hours of fun. I promise. Cross my heart-shaped cookie cutter!


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