Happy Father’s Day!

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This photo of my handsome father was taken before I was born.  He died too soon, at barely 59 years old, in 1980.  He was able to see his granddaughter, my oldest, Kristina, at her baptism.  He died 5 months later, and never had the joy of meeting his youngest granddaughter at the time, my Kara.  I have a thousand questions I would like to ask him now, which will forever go unanswered.  How I wish he was still here.

I am so happy my girls have their Dad, my Bill, to talk with, and help figure out the mysteries of the universe!  I think they always appreciated his silly sense of humor, which is depicted here at Kara’s 5th birthday party.  Daddy was always willing to do anything for his girls, even a pie-in-the-face!

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