High Fiber Pasta

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In the new year, many people make the commitment to eat better.  I have a great product to get you started! Some of you may recall a few blogs back when I talked about a 100-year-old pasta factory called Fould’s right here in my hometown.  I would now like to tell you about another line of their great products featuring high fiber pastas – and I mean much higher than what you will find in regular boxes of pasta.  One serving of Fould’s “Fiber Wise” high fiber products contains 12 grams of natural dietary fiber, which is six times more fiber than ordinary pasta!  The varieties come in spaghetti, fettucine, shell macaroni, elbow macaroni, and penne.  If you can’t find Fiber Wise in your stores, you can order it online.  It’s a great-tasting and highly nutritious product!

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