It’s Time to Bake Cookies!

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I bought this cookbook not long after the birth of my first daughter and we made cookies from it since she was old enough to stand on a stool and help.  There is just about every kind and flavor of cookie from all of the traditional favorites to special cookies for the holidays.  Cookies are the trademark of many bakers, whose creations add a unique touch to cookie swaps, bake sales, or gift boxes.   For many people, cookies bring back childhood memories, sometimes with one particular cookie that takes you back every time.  For me, it’s my Great Aunt Margie’s sugar cookies and my mom’s English toffee cookies.   Cookies such as these are cherished traditions, and no doubt you have some that you remember fondly and have passed onto your own children.
Cookies are a worldwide favorite treat, such as Italian pizzelle’s, Danish butter cookies, Scottish shortbread, French macarons, German lebkuchen, Greek kourambiedes, and of course, our own chocolate chip cookies.  Whether you are searching for specialty cookies such as these or familiar favorites, you will find them in this collection.  Let’s face it – there is nothing like a homemade cookie to sooth the soul. 

Look at these adorable cookies using old Christmas cards or you could even use a favorite photo.  Roll out gingerbread dough, cut out the shape you want, and trace it around the dough.  After the cookies are baked,  place the cut-out image on top of the cookie with a little icing dotted underneath to adhere to the cookie.  Wrap up in clear plastic and tie with ribbons.  A beautiful cookie that will be uniquely yours!
Candy cane cookies are one of my all-time favorites.   I never thought of making them into heart shapes!
Why not plan a cookie swap with friends, neighbors, or family?  You will be the hit of the party with any of the cookies from this wonderful cookbook.  Happy baking!
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