I Miss Marshall Field’s

Marshall Field and Company had everything.  Unfortunately, after 152 years, the store as we knew it here in Chicago officially disappeared in September of 2006.  Despite protests, extensive media attention, and threatened boycotts of the replacement store, Field’s as we knew it ceased to exist.  By the early 1900’s, Field’s had become the largest wholesale and retail dry goods […]

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Cooking With Kids: From Mac & Cheese To Global Palates

Cooking should be fun for kids.  Most parents will tell you that if you let children help out in the kitchen from a very young age, they are more willing to taste something new if they had a hand in the preparation process. It can even start with something simple like setting the table or pouring chocolate chips […]

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Slainte ‘gus Saol agat! (Health and long life to you!)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The title is a toast that can be given before drinking an Irish coffee, which is happily consumed on the holiday.  St. Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated in our country by Irish and non-Irish alike.  Many people, regardless of ethnic background, wear green-colored clothing and other items.  But did you know that […]

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Marcia’s Mother’s Lemon Cake and Playing Twister

Now that Spring is attempting to fight it’s way through winter, I like to find recipes that are bright colored, fresh, and lemony.  As I was going through my files, I came across a recipe that made me smile.  It’s nothing fancy, just a cake that begins with a mix, but it brought back memories of the happy […]

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Clementine Paddleford – An American Original

Just hearing the name Clementine Paddleford conjures up all kinds of thoughts of what she would be like, and it’s probably pretty close as what you would imagine.  Clementine was born in Kansas in 1898.  She lived on a 260-acre farm and rode a horse to school.  Clementine may have been born and raised on […]

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The Joy of Church Cookbooks – Amen to That!

There are some cookbook enthusiasts who collect only church cookbooks. Church publications have always been popular and well-received, from every tiny rural church to the massive city cathedrals that publish their own cookbook as a fundraiser.  Some books are nothing more than some xeroxed sheets stapled together, while others are big, spiral-bound, professional-looking books.  One collector told […]

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Healthier Classic Recipes (just in time for swimsuit season!)

I just heard on the radio that most people think the time to diet is the day after New Year’s, with everyone making their New Year’s resolution to lose weight before summer. But statistics have shown that people will show up at the gym, work out for a few weeks, then forget about the resolution […]

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I’m Feeling Blue

When they say on the commercials that “Happy cows come from California,” they must mean the Holstein cows of Point Reyes Station, California.  Their grade A raw milk produces one of the best blue cheeses on earth.  I have read many an article about Point Reyes Blue over the years and how fabulous it is, but, […]

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