The Best of Betty

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You will still find people who believe Betty Crocker was an actual person.  Betty has seen many changes in her appearance over the years.  What hasn’t changed is how much America still loves Betty Crocker.  For over 75 years, Betty has been with us, teaching us how to polish our cooking skills.  We trust her recipes and helpful kitchen advice.  This cookbook represents the very best of Betty Crocker, through women across the country who embody the Betty spirit.  The photographs of these women were used to develop the new face of Betty Crocker as of 1998.

The 250 recipes in the book are featured alongside seventy-five women chosen especially for this cookbook.  In 1996, General Mills launched a nationwide search called “The Spirit of Betty Crocker Contest,” for the 75th anniversary of the company.  The purpose was to find women who enjoy cooking, baking, and are committed to family and friends.  There are women featured from coast-to-coast and with every kind of recipe imaginable.  You can also read the essays that won them this honor.  This book is like a little piece of Americana.  Everyone probably has a family member, whether it be a mother or grandmother,  who cooked from Betty Crocker cookbooks.  That’s why this book should appeal to everyone, since there is most likely a piece of Betty in all of us.

Betty through the decades. 

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