Were you Naughty or Nice?

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Let’s hope you were nice, but either way you must leave Santa some cookies tonight!  I can remember how important it was when I was little to carefully plan not only Santa’s plate, but a plate of carrots for the reindeer too.  I would go to bed and be completely convinced I heard sleigh bells.  On one Christmas Eve when I was in grade school, I was actually awakened by the sound of bells going off.  I went into my parents room and woke up my mom and told her, and she told me to go back to bed because it was probably just Santa.  I insisted that she listen ands she surprisingly heard them too.  We got up and followed the ringing.  Turns out it was a timer going off in the kitchen!  We still laugh about that one.  My mom and I also love these photos of both of us at one time in our young lives with Santa, although we don’t know why mom is on a stuffed mule.

Debbie and mom Santas


So as far as the cookies go, I have been giving you ideas all week of what you could leave Santa.  I’m sure you have many more, so I doubt Santa will go hungry.  Here’s a recap of some the latest from earlier blogs.

Four Slice Cookies on green

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Four Slice Cookies

Sleep tight.  Those bells you hear might be a timer, or maybe not… Depends on if you were naughty or nice…

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