Wolfgang Puck and Oscar-Worthy Food

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Wolfgang Puck has been on my mind this week because of the Oscars, which aired this past weekend. He is the first and usually only chef,  who people think of when it’s time for the parties after the Oscar telecast.  He is frequently featured on the morning shows and talk shows with his Oscar-shaped desserts and other fancy delectables.  The food is always picture perfect and extravagant, making it easy to forget that the chef also makes family comfort food such as pizza and pasta.  I have many Wolfgang Puck cookbooks and recipes, but always come back to this delightfully simple book.  The ingredients are basic, the preparations easy, but the results are nothing short of fabulous. 
The book starts off with the how-to basics like caramelized onions, roasted garlic, balsamic reduction, pesto, and easy dressings.  These, and more, can be incorporated into salads, pizzas, and pastas.  The pizzas taste as good as they sound – Caesar chicken; herbed artichoke; grilled portobello; and smoked salmon; as well as pasta dishes such as penne with fresh peas and prosciutto; angel hair with goat cheese, broccoli, and toasted pine nuts; and the chef’s own grandmother’s recipe for ravioli.   No recipe is long or complicated and the directions are numbered step-by-step. 
As easy and wonderful as these recipes are, we can still appreciate what goes into making Oscar-worthy food.  My daughter Kristina, was lucky enough to interview Wolfgang Puck before the Oscars and taste what the celebrities would be tasting on the exciting ceremony night.  Kristina was also at the Kodak Theatre dressed in her own gown and observing all the excitement on the Red Carpet.  She has stories to tell and many photos to see,  which she has posted on her blog.  Go check it out and you will see all the hard work that goes into every Oscar telecast from getting hair done to asking questions of the Oscar winners. 

Look at the Oscar food preparations posted on the kitchen wall, and this is only a small portion!  The recipes in the book are not this involved, but will taste just as good. 

Chocolate mini- Oscars!                                        

Even if you never make it to an Oscar after-party, then host your own with food easy to prepare.  With this cookbook, you will still impress your guests.

The envelope, please.  And the winner is… you!


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