Happy Mother’s Day 2015!

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Baby mom with Gram

This blog is a weekend tribute to all the moms, young and old, those departed and those very much still with us. We are so lucky in our family to still have our mom who will be 94 years old in a few months. This is my grandma holding her firstborn, my mom.  Look at that head of hair and those cute chubby little legs and big cheeks!  I really can’t believe that hair.  When my girls were less than a year old, they were almost bald!


Mom & Gram

Here is my mom as a war bride, trying to cover her pregnant belly behind my grandma.

Mom with infant Paul

Here is my mom as a first time mom with my brother Paul.  My dad was still stationed overseas in WWII and wouldn’t see Paul for months.

Mom holding baby Paul


Mom with Paul on lap

Isn’t my mom beautiful?  And those of you who know my daughter Kristina, don’t they look so much alike??


My husband Bill wishes his mother could be here for Mother’s Day but she died of Parkinson’s disease in the ’70’s.  I never got to meet her.  I met Bill six months after she died.  Everyone who knew Helen said she was a wonderful woman and a superior surgical nurse.  For those of you who know my youngest daughter Kara, you can see Kara in this grandmother’s face.

Helen in nurse's uniform

Helen was a great mom too.

Helen and baby Karen


Happy Mother’s Day.  Enjoy the weekend with your mom, or if she has passed, then tell wonderful stories about her.  Make her favorite recipes. She will know you are talking about her.  Mom’s are like that.  Love never dies.


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