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The Other Half of the Egg chicken drawing

Hatching Up Some Recipes

Why have I never seen this book before?  I could have used it in countless ways over the years.  Think of all the times making crème brulee with yolks and leftover whites, or angel food cakes with a dozen whites and all those yolks.  I found this book last weekend at a book sale.  I picked it […]

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Cooking With Our Daughters

Claudine Pepin must enjoy cooking with her dad, the iconic chef Jacques Pepin, because she did a second series with him on the television show, “Jacques Pepin’s Kitchen.”  And why not?  If I had a famous French chef dad, I probably would never have left the kitchen!  I enjoyed watching this program back in the late […]

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Short Cut Cooking from a French Chef

I never grow tired of watching Jacques Pepin, especially his shows with Julia Child.  Thank goodness PBS stations still run them.  The two were such a joy to watch together not only because they were good friends, but they were almost giddy with excitement to be cooking together.  There are people who enjoy cooking,  and there […]

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