What is it about Aussie Chefs??

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I have yet to meet an Australian cookbook that I haven’t completely loved.  My daughters have traveled several times Down Under and always bring back some cookbooks for me.  I have Paul Wilson’s incredible “Botanical,” Alla Wolf-Lasker’s “Lake House,” and many smaller books such as a favorite from the Queen Victoria Market – and of course I have all of Curtis Stone’s books, because my daughter Kristina had dinner at his home.  I guess we are in love with Aussie chefs and their amazing food.  And now I have another to add to my growing collection – Michael Moore’s “Moore to Food.” 
Michael Moore is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected chefs.  He has owned many top restaurants in both Sydney and London, and currently is the chef and owner of the iconic “Summit” in Sydney.  The chef knew from an early age he would make cooking his passion and career.  He baked his own birthday cake at the age of six, and was the only boy in his Home Economics class in high school.  By age twenty-three, he had his first Head Chef position.  His passion and dedication were clear, and Chef Moore is into a 26-year career spanning two continents. 
There is much more to read on Chef Moore’s rise to fame in the book, but you will also love his recipes and tips on entertaining.  While looking for a fall recipe, I came across “Spice Roasted Pumpkin with Ricotta and Sage Nut Butter Prawns.”  A small pumpkin is cut into large pieces and coated with harissa paste, ground cumin, and olive oil; then roasted.  It is served with prawns coated in a fresh sage and pumpkin seed butter.  “Baked Chocolate Mousse” sounds too good to pass up for dessert.  Each recipe is accompanied by gorgeous food photos, which could actually be framed – but you wouldn’t want to do that to such a lovely book.  Cook from it and you, too, will fall in love with Aussie chefs.


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