Clementine Paddleford: Global Vintage Menu Covers

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Food writer Clementine Paddleford traveled the world in search of the best recipes from home cooks and chefs, along with well-guarded restaurant recipes.  These are just some of her menu covers from restaurants abroad, from the 1940’s to the 1960’s.  Like  the American menu covers, these are also little works of art that speak of our culinary history.


Clem France Au Cochon d' Or

Clem France Chez Francoise

Clem French wine menu cover L'Aiglon

Clem France Chez Dubern in Bordeaux

Clem England Harvey's Restaurant in Bristol

Clem menu cover lady in pink gown

This lady in pink is one of my favorites!

Clem Italy Ristorante Alfredo menu cover

Clem Italy Alfredo's presented by Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford

Clem Monte Carlo Hotel Metropole menu cover

Clem Denmark Hotel d'Angleterre menu cover

Clem menu cover Cafe Bonaparte

Clem Spain couple

Clem Myra Waldo Maxim's menu cover

Clem menu cover unknown 1

Clem menu cover unknown 2

Clem menu cover unknown 3

Clem menu cover unknown 4

Clem menu cover unknown 5

Clem Spain El Prado menu cover

Clem Spain woman with giant headpiece

Clem Spain woman with giant square headpiece

Clem menu Australia 1

Clem menu Australia 2

Coming up in the next blog:  Vintage menu covers from airlines and cruise ships.


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