Happy Birthday to my Kara, 2016

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For the record, I had already written this blog post last night.  I woke up this morning to Kara’s Facebook page where she decided it was time to announce her news.

Kara is having a baby!!!  Our family is so over the moon, and we have also been bursting to tell the world, but Kara wanted to wait a little while until she made it official.  Big apologies to family and friends I couldn’t tell right away, but I was sworn to secrecy!  I can’t even tell you how excited Bill and I are to be first-time grandparents, and Kristina is to be an aunt.  This baby will be so loved.  January cannot come soon enough, but I’m sure you will be hearing baby news from me along the way!

So now back to my original post that I wrote last night:

The cute little girl blowing out the birthday candles on the intro page photo is now happily married to the love of her life.  This photo was taken a few months after Robert and Kara’s wedding in New Orleans two years ago.  They held another ceremony in our backyard with a big tent for all the relatives who couldn’t make it to New Orleans and for a dozen of our Finnish relatives who flew over for the party.  One of the relatives who is a minister did the ceremony all in Finnish.  It was so special for both sides of the family.

Over the weekend, the happy couple returned to New Orleans to celebrate Kara’s birthday at one of their favorite restaurants, Commander’s Palace, where they held their wedding rehearsal dinner.  The staff brought out balloons and Kara’s favorite dessert.  (Note:  I just realized why they wrote Congratulations and not Happy Birthday!)

Kara b'day 32 Happy birthday, my sweet girl, and have a wonderful day!  I will never forget when you were born and how you came out half-asleep and still like your naps!

I love you!!


Happy Birthday!!



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  1. July 11, 2016 at 11:58 am #

    Happy birthday to Kara, and congratulations to Kara and Robert!

    • July 11, 2016 at 10:09 pm #

      Thank you, Madonna!

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