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Persimmon Bread 3

Persimmon Bread

I had no idea all of the health benefits attributed to persimmons! This moist quick bread is filled with persimmon puree, nuts, and raisins.

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2009.05.04 JBF Awards

The James Beard Awards 2013

The James Beard Foundation was founded in 1986, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the culinary world who would not love to win this medal, which is equivalent to winning an Academy Award Oscar.  The foundation is dedicated to celebrating and preserving America’s culinary heritage and future. James Beard was a cookbook […]

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Grilling in the 1940’s

I love James Beard.  And old James Beard cookbooks.  This first edition from 1941 is a treasure.   Not only for the wonderful recipes but the highly amusing quotes.  The dust jacket says grilling is basically a man’s area of expertise, but that this book “will be invaluable to the woman who aims to please the masculine members of […]

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James Beard (The Author and the Bear)

I bought this bear at least 15 years ago.  There used to be (and maybe still is) a line of bears dressed and named as celebrities or well-known characters.  They all had to have the word “bear” in the name, or change it to incorporate the word bear.  “James Beard” seen above was easy to name.  They also made a […]

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