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Betty Crocker Cookbook Giveaway

Who wouldn’t want Betty Crocker in their kitchen? Enter the giveaway and this cookbook could be right there to help you make some great meals!

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Salty Caramel Peanut Brittle Bars

Prize-Winning Cookies To Share

These prize-winning cookies will be a big hit for holiday cookie sharing!

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Cookbook Giveaway for the Week of 2-28-11

There is still a chill in the air with the need of stick-to-the-rib meals.  These two cookbooks of Southwest cooking have great recipes to warm the belly.  Jane Butel is an expert on Southwest cuisine and this book is her recipes on the quick and easy side.  Betty Crocker always has good recipes to offer […]

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A Recipe Collection from the Heart

This is what I look for at garage sales or book sales – someone’s personal notebook filled with their favorite family recipes, or yellowed old clippings from newspapers and magazines.  Then I wonder, how did this person’s family let this treasure go?  Or maybe they lost it, and are looking for it right this moment […]

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Cakes, and, Cookies, and Bars – Oh, My!

You must hurry to find this publication from Betty Crocker.  It is one of those special publications that many of the food companies display only for a certain time period.  It is called “Cakes for all Occasions,” but also includes recipes for cookies and bars.  It might be gone by the beginning of April, so […]

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Cooking With Kids: From Mac & Cheese To Global Palates

Cooking should be fun for kids.  Most parents will tell you that if you let children help out in the kitchen from a very young age, they are more willing to taste something new if they had a hand in the preparation process. It can even start with something simple like setting the table or pouring chocolate chips […]

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1961 Betty Crocker

Cookbook dealers will tell you that “Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook” of 1951 is a hot commodity.  I have the next one that was published in 1961 called “Betty Crocker’s New Picture Cookbook.”  Even this “new” addition has sold in the past for over $100.  These books are hard to find in mint condition because people used them until […]

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Oh, Sphere, Where Art Thou?

Does anyone remember a magazine from the 70’s called “Sphere?”  It was a Betty Crocker magazine, but more on the gourmet side.  It had fabulous recipes, many of which I still use today.  Not only that, they had amazing photos, decorating ideas, a very unusual wedding cake, and even patterns for clothing.   My mother, who […]

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