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Washed Away

This is for my readers who do not follow me on social media and are unaware of what happened to The Culinary Cellar.

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Bookshelves for blog

Happy 7th Anniversary to the Culinary Cellar!

It was seven years ago today that I wrote my first blog for The Culinary Cellar. I have loved every minute of it.

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National Cookbook Month

October is National Cookbook Month!

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Culinary Cellar Empty shelf by wall 1

Progress in The Culinary Cellar

These empty shelves are now almost filled! It’s been months, but my niece Pesi and I have made huge progress arranging my thousands of cookbooks. Come and take a sneak peek!

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Yes, Virginia, There Really Is A Culinary Cellar!

I have received emails from people asking if I really have an old cellar filled with cookbooks and all other sorts of culinary delights.  The answer is yes, it’s really a cellar, not some fancy fixed-up basement with carpet and a television.  It’s just a cement cellar with crawlspaces, and it has been known to […]

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