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Time for the Green Chicago River

If the Chicago River is green, then it’s time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when everyone is Irish!

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On “The Hunt”

Everyone knows that one must buy tickets for the theater, opera, or symphony, but how about for a restaurant?  Chef Grant Achatz’s restaurant “Next” is like nothing you will ever experience in the world of fine dining.  Located in Chicago’s meatpacking district just west of downtown, Next is not your traditional restaurant.  The menu changes every four […]

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Life, On the Line

The Washington Post asked, “Is chef Grant Achatz a mad scientist or a culinary maestro?”  You will find yourself asking the same question.  After recently finishing this book, I have to say that the chef is both, but I discovered just as much about his humanity as I did his cooking.  I find the chef fascinating, and given the […]

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