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Sarabeth's Cookbook

Sarabeth’s Bakery

Everything you need to know about baking from a James Beard Award-Winning pastry chef with over 100 inspiring recipes.

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The Big Book of Sides

Looking for holiday side dishes? Rick Rodgers has a great new cookbook, “The Complete Book of Sides,” that could be yours if you enter today’s giveaway!

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Stuff It! Your Turkey, That Is..

You will be able to find just about any kind of stuffing or dressing idea in this week’s cookbook giveaway!

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Dip and Dunk Food

Fondue always seems to make a comeback every now and then.  It probably keeps making periodical comebacks because it’s just a fun way to eat.  It can also be romantic, as dipping strawberries into chocolate, or exotic with foreign flavors, or comforting with melted cheese and bread.  Fondue is meant to be an intimate meal, […]

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Christmas 101

Remember last month’s blog of Thanksgiving 101?  Now we have Christmas 101 from the same author, Rick Rodgers.  Once again, he takes us by the hand to help with Christmas entertaining during this hectic month.  Whether you are a novice preparing your first holiday dinner or an experienced cook seeking new ideas, you will find […]

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One Last Turkey Cookbook!

Okay, one last turkey cookbook before the big day tomorrow!  This is another good one by the Thanksgiving guru, Rick Rodgers.  Not only are there great recipes for your leftover turkey, but also recipes for ground turkey, turkey cutlets, grilling turkey, breasts, and thighs.  There are endless possibilities for cooking all the turkey parts.  I […]

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Are you a Stuffing or a Dressing?

Most people in the South call it “dressing,” while we Northerners call it “stuffing.”  Some will say if it is cooked inside of the turkey it is stuffing, outside the bird in a dish, it is dressing.  Whatever you call or however you cook it, it’s all good!  To many people, the stuffing/dressing is one of […]

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Need Some Help with Thanksgiving?

You will never have to worry about this holiday meal again!  Author Rick Rodgers is the Thanksgiving guru and he is here to help you every step of the way.  For many years, Rick traveled across the country teaching a cooking class called “Thanksgiving 101,” with his favorite recipes, make-ahead tips, organizational secrets, and insights […]

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