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Mushroom 4

The Mushroom Cookie Master

Wouldn’t you love a mushroom cookie for Christmas? If you could taste these, I know you would! And the master baker of them is one of my lovely readers!

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Almond Slice Cookies trio on gold

Almond Stick Cookies

Almond Stick Cookies are made for Christmas! They are buttery, crunchy, double almond flavors, and make great gifts from your kitchen.

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Girls with Santa

Here is how to find Santa Claus…

Did you know the official home of Santa Claus is in Rovaniemi, Finland in Finnish Lapland? How do I know this? I met him! Best Santa Claus ever…

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Finnish Slice Cookies 1

Leena’s Finnish Slice Cookies

Leena’s Finnish Slice Cookies are now my favorite cookie in the world. But one thing is better and that’s Leena herself. Come and meet her.

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Lingonberry Quick Bread 1

Lingonberry Quick Bread

Lingonberry Quick Bread makes a great gift from your kitchen. It’s filled with lingonberry jam, cardamom, and other wonderful flavors!

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Meatballs image

Nordic Meatballs with Lingonberries

These Nordic Meatballs with sweet spices served with potatoes and lingonberry jam is a favorite dish of the Nordic countries and comfort food in the winter.

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2 stollen whole

Dresdner Stollen

Tomorrow is the Stollen Festival in Dresden, Germany. If you can’t be there, at least you can make this incredible Dresdner Stollen in your own kitchen!

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Leftover image

Last of the Turkey Leftovers

The Thanksgiving leftovers got down to a little stuffing, some vegetables, turkey, and turkey broth. Here are two simple ways I used them up.

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